D&D FZCO is an exporting and importing free zone company headquartered in Ras Al Khaimah. Our main areas of operations includes,

Supply of Building Materials
D&D FZCO deals with the export of building materials all over the world on demand on cheaper rates.

Supply of Oil Field Equipments
D&D FZCO supplies oil field equipments all over the Middle East.

Supply of Pipe and Pipe Fittings
D&D FZCO have a wide range of Pipe and Pipe fittings required for MEP contractings.

Supply of Heavy Duty Welding Machines
D&D FZCO deals with Heavy duty welding machines required for construction and maintenance sectors.

Supply of Steel
D&D FZCO supply steel throughout the Gulf, Europe and Asia.

Supply of Safety Items
D&D FZCO deals with all the safety items required in a contruction and maintenance company.

Warehouse Solutions
D&D FZCO have provisions for complete Warehouse solutions.

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