Network Design
Network Design and advisory service is suitable for all organizations in the both the public and private sectors, from SME businesses through to multi-national corporate enterprises.

IT Project Management
BLITSís project management service provides best practice planning, implementation, testing and supplier management for mission-critical network projects.

IT Data & Voice Cabling
Over the past decade voice and data cabling requirements have merged and today, ? cabling infrastructures are able to support voice, data and video applications on a single cable type.

IT Wireless Networks
Mobility is no longer a barrier to productivity and efficiency but now provides a true competitive advantage. Accessing real-time data whilst at a customer site, whilst traveling or whilst working outside of normal office hours now allows a more flexible and efficient approach to business processes.

IT Telephony and Convergence
Converged solutions are changing the entire communications infrastructure. The convergence between telecommunications and IT has made it possible for both voice and data traffic to be carried through the same cable networks.

IT Compliance
Fully experienced in developing strategic plans and procedures for many customers BLITS can, from consultation, produce all your requirements including strategic plans, supporting documentation and test plan schedules.

IT Security
Security is generally regarded as a cost, rather than a revenue generator. The return on investment is not readily apparent and is often difficult to quantify which generally causes a problem when it comes to budget allocation.

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