About Us...

Business Line IT Solutions is a leading network solution and service provider in United Arab Emirtaes.

We are the Authorised Tally Partner in the region.

Global competition is a reality in todays business climate, no matter how large or small your enterprise. So is the need for businesses to streamline their process models and implement the right set of technologies to hone their competitive edge and maximize market opportunities. In today's ever changing business climate, improving the quality of your products and services and maximizing your profitability in the face of increasing competition are critical to your overall success. While almost every business recognizes the importance of Information Technology and automation as the logical solution to addressing many of the challenges, the difficulty is finding a strategic IT partner whose performance will match the expectations, both in terms of technical as well as industry experience. With those views in mind, the Infos Integrated Enterprise Solution was designed from the ground up to be an easy to use, comprehensive, feature rich, open client/server topology based application that can address the business needs of small and large enterprises for Financial, Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution Management operations.

We have always taken the view that our long-term success directly hinges on the success of our clients. Whilst we can vaunt about delivering very cost effective and reliable hardware and functional application software solutions, we are most proud of our strategic partnerships that we have cultivated with our clients, based on one fundamental business tenet - listening to the customer's needs and understanding their business. We share your commitment to success and continue to work with you long into the future to help you maintain the right balance between your existing stable systems and IT infrastructure and the advances in technology.

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