Web Development...

Your idea about your website is chiseled, give form and shape by our team of designers and computer engineers. We use our expertise to make it visually attractive and to leave a positive impression on your visitors. Among the most important things are good high-impact visuals, creative content and effective script. The right combination of these helps grab the surfer’s attention and leads him onto our products of services.

Text Content:
The website should have comprehensive coverage on the subject at hand for a very effective content. Grammatically correct write-up complemented with relevant illustration would effectively communicate the information to the visitor.

Site Maneuverability:
One of the essential features of a website is easy maneuverability. We would ensure that a visitor could reach to 90% of the website within a maximum of 2 clicks. The site would be carefully planned and structured to meet this specific requirement.

Faster Downloads:
Patience is never a virtue of the net surfer. No person wants to waste time sitting in front of the monitors and wait for ages just to see a corporate web pages. That’s why the download speed for each page should be more than 30 seconds. If images are simply scanned and loaded on web pages they’ll take a long waiting time for download and display. To avoid this we use effective image compression algorithm to reduce the size of images by five times, without loss of quality.

Search Engine:
Search engine listing and storage engine ranking are crucial for getting traffic to your website. Nearly 80% of your visitors locate website through search engines. We submit your sites to all the major search engines and ensure a higher ranking for you.

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